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Abortion is horrendous and evil, and must be completely removed from our country and the world. We must first start with our country and remove it from our land. At the moment of conception, the two reproductive cells join starting the process for a child to form and be born. Any procedure with the intent to abort the process starting at conception all the way to after birth of a baby is illegal and will be banned in the United States of America. Once we have achieved eliminating abortion in the United Stated of America and our territories, we must end abortion around the world.  


I am 100% against Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools. I will never support this far left curriculum  teaching hate and anti-white sentiments in our public schools. 1619 project will also be removed from our schools. I do not support left wing indoctrination into our education system rewriting history in a Marxist point of view. United States of America is the best country and Tennessee is the best state in the Union and I do not support any curriculum seeking to demoralize our students into believing the United States and Tennessee are evil. I will also remove evolution/ big bang theory from our schools. This long lasting lie has led many into this erroneous belief that we did not come from God. We are fearfully and wonderfully made and even known by our creator before birth. I am fully persuaded truth based education provides the highest level of consciousness. This high level of awareness will enable our students to succeed in every aspect of their lives. The two types of biological genders that exist and are recognized by me are Male and Female. I will seek to end LGBQ+ indoctrination in our schools. Our children are non negotiable meaning no compromise to dangerous propaganda targeted towards our children aged 0-18.   


I adamantly oppose  COVID-19 Mandates. COVID-19 was intentionally created in the Wuhan Lab for the purpose of creating a communist New World Order. The Wuhan Lab created the bio weapon COVID-19 in an attempt to offset global economies and introduce oppressive mandates. I will end COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates when elected to congress. The vaccines are a placebo. they have no positive effects on the recipient. The negative aspect of the vaccines are that they are thought to alter human DNA which is a very serious side effect. I am not vaccinated and I will never be vaccinated against COVID-19. I urge everyone in the most serious manner, do not receive any doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. If you have already received a dose cease receiving any more doses. I believe all churches are essential. we should have never closed our churches down and I pledge to never shut down any faith based organization or place of worship for the purposes of COVID-19. When elected in November, I will see to it that government COVID-19 vaccine passport productions are ceased and people's vaccine records and no fly list histories are destroyed. I do not support COVID-19 government contact tracing, enforcing quarantine, and prosecuting people for possession and/or distribution of "fake" COVID-19 vaccination cards. The laws of the United States of America and around the world should not have oppressed people to the extent they needed to manufacture/possess a "fake " COVID-19 vaccine card. Starting at the time of my election in November forward, all people everywhere will be free and experience better freedoms than before the COVID-19 pandemic. 




We absolutely must be energy independent. Our gas prices are way too high and we must never depend on corrupt foreign governments for energy. These governments now have control over our energy supply and if they or one of their allies, invades or cause conflict to us or one of our allies, they have the power to cut off our energy. This would be devastating as we would not have the energy we need for simple everyday routines like going to the store via gas powered vehicles or heat our homes and businesses. This would put our defense systems at risk and jeopardize our national security. The high gas prices we pay at the pump are totally unnecessary and are a result of horrible policies the fake Joe Biden administration intentionally imposed to cripple us. This was done in part to silence the American Truckers convoy heading to Washington D.C.. Also, this was done to stop Americans from advancing financially and increase dependence on government aka Socialism/ Communism.  


I strongly believe in peace through strength. We must have the best military to protect our country and promote freedom abroad. We must earn the respect of nations both free and totalitarian. Fraudulently elected Joe Biden has no respect from foreign leaders and as a result, we saw Afghanistan fall right back into the hands of the Taliban as well as Russia invade Ukraine. My foreign policy views are closely tied into the literal interpretation of the 2nd Amendment which state "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.". Our citizens must have an abundant supply of arms and ammunition to defend themselves in the event of a failure of policy from an fraudulently elected government official. Our open border policy is very dangerous as it opens the door for any hostile foreign national to sneak into the country and cause harm to our civilians. I support a strong NATO and will ensure all our allies are protected from hostile behavior from foreign invasions. Communism and Socialism are evil forms of government and must be confronted. I feel very strong on the idea every nation must be self governed by its own people and have a strong sense of patriotism. I vehemently reject the idea of Globalism and any New World Orders. I recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and support Israel's right to exist peacefully. The Abraham Accords by the Trump Administration is a successful foreign policy I support. 


I, more than any other candidate ever elected, support gun ownership for Americans. The 2nd Amendment is essential to the existence of freedom here in Tennessee and the other 49 states. I do not support government records of gun ownership and demand the destruction of any records a local, state, or federal government may have on an individual record as it relates to gun ownership and the type of weapon he or she possesses. Government buy back programs are terrible for a community as they are covert gun confiscation efforts. I support  the rights of Americans to stand their ground in self defense and use their guns to protect themselves and their families and property. Gun control laws never work as crime increases the more control a government has on gun usages and ownership. 


The United States economy is the best in the world and we must keep it strong. I fully embrace free market capitalism and every individuals right  to produce and create goods and services without high taxes and regulations. Inflation is a silent killer and we see the corrupt fake president Joe Biden intentionally raising cost of living and printing extra money to dissuade people from embracing free market capitalism and more receptive to socialism/communism. High taxation is legalized theft. I urge each and every american to legally minimize their tax liability as your money belongs to you not the government. I believe in strong marriages and fostering an environment where marriages can thrive. Money is a top reason for divorce in our country. Divorce rates are high when the economy goes down. We have to lower the current cost of living by taking away inflation, high tax policies, high gas prices, and burdensome regulations on our businesses. 


Gender Reassignment Surgeries must be banned. Parents altering their child's biological gender should face criminal prosecution for child abuse. I do not support the idea of biological males altering their gender and sharing a bathroom or a locker room with females. There are only 2 genders that exist: Male and Female. Our society needs men to be men and females to be females. Gender confusion is destructive for any society and it stems from a lack of justice. When people cannot speak out against militant LGBQ+ policies this is injustice. Public schools are publicly and discretely pushing far left transgender beliefs on our children which will emotionally disturb them for the rest of their life if we remain silent.  ​


I plan to build up strong men and women in our society. this will strengthen the institution of marriage. We have to safeguard our marriages by enforcing our laws and updating laws to reflect the best use of an institution. High quality marriages are beneficial for every society. They can be achieved through several means such as faith based influence, low economic stress, and a stable and balanced family life. One hindrance to a society's goal of achieving maximum high quality marriages is the idea of same-sex marriage. I do not recognize same sex marriages. The erroneous idea that two men or two women can reach results  a married male and female can achieve is grossly incorrect. I will have the laws changed to interpret marriage as solely reserved for one male and one female based on their biological gender at birth. 


The 2020 Presidential Election was rigged which caused Joe Biden to be fraudulently elected as the President of the United States of America. I, along with the overwhelming majority of Americans, do not recognize Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. He must be removed immediately along with Kamala Harris. All individuals Joe Biden nominated and appointed will be removed from their respected positions. I will see to it legislation is passed upholding Election integrity. I am largely in favor of paper ballot only voting system to eliminate digital glitches affecting the outcome of an election. Unsolicited absentee ballots are illegal and must not be allowed in our country's election system. 

Monuments and history

We are witnessing tyranny and history eradication efforts on a scale like never before seen in our country. I adamantly oppose history alteration efforts by the left to remove monuments and rewrite history. when i start my term as congressman, All monuments will go back up in the original condition and location they were erected.i firmly believe history repeats itself.  tyranny is on the rise in our country and we have to stop it immediately and undo all the damage caused by the left. we are on the verge of losing our liberties. we need our monuments to reflect on previous victories and how they were achieved against tyranny. I vehemently condemn historical name changes, monument removals, and modifying historical context by the radical left.  

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